Potato storage with processing building.
  Interior fan house and loading dock. Various center and corner fan houses to your specifications.
  New in-ground plenum gives you more storage area inside the building.
     Based on true CWT capacity, Quick-Zip potato / vegetable storage buildings are exceptionally competitive and you get a better sealed, better insulated building.
    Quick-Zip buildings are ideally suited for high humidity potato and vegetable storage. The spray-on insulation is impervious to moisture and it completely seals the building. Full insulation value is retained for the life of the building.
    Buildings can be constructed with a variety of plenum designs including our new underground plenum that gives you more storage capacity in the building. In-floor flumes or above floor aeration tubes are also available. Steel retaining walls provide a plenum for aeration. Each aeration system is engineered to your CFM requirements.
    Each Quick-Zip building can be built with an outside corner fan house, interior fan house or outside center fan house.
    With the superior insulation and seal Quick-Zip buildings are ideal for adding a refrigeration unit for extended storage.
  Plenum area.   In-floor flumes.
  Above floor aeration.