Quick-Zip steel buildings are completely fabricated and assembled on site. After being roll formed the individual building arches are power seamed together. There are no bolts or bolt holes to leak. You get superior strength and a weather tight building that will last for life. Another advantage of fabricating the building arches on site is you donāt have to worry about freight damage.
  1) It starts with concrete piles sized to your specific soil type.   2) A steel angle iron building base is set into the concrete piles. They are lazer levelled and welded solid.
  3) From steel coils the roll-former forms individual panels. Panels are then roll-formed to the required radius.   4) Completed arches are carried into position.
  5) Individual arches are pre-assembled.   6) Arches are power seamed together.
   7) Arch assemblies are lifted into position and set onto the building base.   8) Arch assemblies are power seamed together.
  9) Building is welded to the building base.   10) End wall panels are fastened to the arches at the top and to the building base at the bottom.
  11) After end walls are completed rain caps are power seamed in place.   12) A reinforced grade beam is poured in place.